Act of Sorrow

O God of my soul,
I am sincerely sorry
for not having hitherto loved Thee.
Instead of having loved Thee,
I have, for the sake of my pleasures,
offended and despised Thine infinite goodness:
I have turned my back upon Thee;
in a word, O my God,
I have voluntarily lost Thee.
Lord, I am sorry,
from the bottom of my heart,
for all my sins.
I hate above all things the offences,
which I have committed against Thee.
I hope Thou hast already cleansed me
from the stain of sin
in the sacrament of penance,
but I desire to become still purer in Thy sight.
Vouchsafe then to wash in Thy Blood this soul,
which Thou dost wish soon to make Thy dwelling place.

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