Dear Lord Jesus,
ever since You were nailed to the cross,
wood has become a sacred thing.
In every tree we are once more reminded
of Your great love for us.
Bless these trees of ours,
let them grow tall and strong
and reach full maturity without any injury.
Keep far from them the terrible force of lightning.
Let them not be torn and broken by the impact of strong winds.
May they have a plentiful supply of water,
and be protected from every blight and worm and insect.

May they always be a reminder to us, Lord,
of Your glorious passion and death.
May they help us to remember always that we are Christians,
and that, as such, we must follow You our leader, Jesus Christ crucified.
We must be willing to take up our cross daily, and follow You.
Then will we also reap the fruit of our labors,
and rise to a new life with You,
because we have been willing to suffer with You.


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