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Prayer Against Bad Thoughts

Prayer Against Bad Thoughts

O Lord my God, be not far from me. O my God, hasten to help me, for varied thoughts and great fears have risen up within me, afflicting my soul. How shall I escape them unharmed? How shall I dispel them? “I will go before you,” says the Lord, “and will humble the great ones […]

  1. chic: Lord sana po mapagbigyan niyo na po ang kahilingin ko na magbuntis at magkaanak po ulit,Lord God please hear my…

  2. mike: Amen....i prayed this prayer...Praise be to GOD ALLELLUIA!...

  3. Doris: Amen

  4. Peter: Amen

  5. Lourdes: Lord God,please help me to get all my worries and fears.this second chance that you given to me may be…

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Veni Sancte Spiritus

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Come, Holy Spirit, send forth the heavenly radiance of your light. Come, father of the poor, come, giver of gifts, come, light of the heart. Greatest comforter, sweet guest of the soul, sweet consolation. In labor, rest, in heat, temperance, in tears, solace. O most blessed light, fill the inmost heart of your faithful. Without […]

  1. daryll: amen

Prayer To Be United With The Heart Of Jesus

Prayer To Be United With The Heart Of Jesus

O heart all lovable and all loving of my Savior, be Thou the Heart of my heart, the Soul of my soul, the Spirit of my spirit, the Life of my life and the sole principle of all my thoughts, words and actions, of all the faculties of my soul, and of all my senses, […]

  1. sue: help jesus to rectify my marriage protect bless my family and increase my borders

  2. uzochukwu: Amen

  3. anand: I need to join Catholic amen

  4. Sylvia Bankson: Amen

Prayer for Reverence of Life

Prayer for Reverence of Life

All mighty God, giver of all that is good. We thank you for the precious gift of human life. For life in womb, coming from your creative power For the life of children, making us glad with their freshness and promise For the life of young people, hoping for a better world For the life […]

  1. marilyn: Thank you so much

  2. Tumi: I'm suffering and I feel lost in my life currently please pray for me that my life may have direction…

  3. Kerrie Gorman: Needed this right now! Thanks for putting this prayer up...

  4. Agnes Yao Joo: Praise and thank our Lord for giving us life - human life and that of the animals that He created…

Prayer When Using Holy Water

Prayer When Using Holy Water

By this holy water and by Your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord.

  1. angel licon: Pray for my little girl daddy he's incarcerated in prison for 18yrs but he has to serve 8and half of…

    • Elaine Kalicharan: Please pray for my back problems in Jesus name amen

      • Jill: Please pray for me and my two sons that God will always keep us in good health. Guide us and…

    • Imelda: Please Lord help me have a baby Christ name

    • Tarisa Filipo Fonot: I ask for prayers of healing for all my families to be bless by GOD HOLY SPIRIT JESUS FRM ALL…

  2. Ed Hinojosa: amen

  3. Dee: Pray for my dear friends, Ms. Lu, Ms.Dot, Mr. Wilbert, Ms. Linda, Ms. Sonya, and my dear sweet Aunt Joyce.

  4. Del: Give us strong faith in God the Father. Shield us from any harm Oh Lord Jesus purify us Holy Spirit…

  5. Virginia Katsaounis: Thank you Lord and Our Lady of Guadalupe for prayers answered. And please continue the prayers for my son and…

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Single Mother Prayer to become a Godly Wife

Single Mother Prayer to become a Godly Wife

Dear God, I thank you and praise your holy and righteous name. May my prayer exalt you and your holy ordinance of marriage. God I wish to serve you and I believe in my heart you have predestined me to become joined in this life with my perfect mate. As I am your vessel, I […]

  1. felleng: I receive this message and await God's interventionin sendon me a Godly partner. In Jesus name Amen.

  2. juliet: Hardky to believe, i been asking for a godlly partner and i think God wished me to be more happier…

  3. Lakmini: I hope God will direct me to Right partner and i'm awaiting..

  4. Sarah: Good prayer

Prayer for the Sanctification of Labor

Prayer for the Sanctification of Labor

O God, the creator of all things, you framed the law of labor for the human race. Graciously grant, by the example and patronage of St. Joseph, that we may do the work you provide us and earn the reward you promise. Sustain us with your grace to live up to our duties in charity […]

  1. kubu: I pray money success and pawer of jesus in me amen

  2. mathew: Lord give me the courage to get out and search for a job I need to support my family. Amenmm

  3. petros: God remember me and my wife and my children in"sanctification of labor"give us sufitiant money.

  4. tatipilar: Dear Lord I pray that I may see the fruits of my labor..and all those who work so hard..sustain us…

  5. Estroberto jimenez: I pray for money and success pawer of Jesus in me AMEN

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