(Let us pray to Jesus Christ along with the intercession of Holy Mother Mary, in union with the saints.)

Jesus, I entrust all my problems to you.
Come to me.
Speak to me.
Reveal the will of God to me.
Deliver me from dangers and diseases (names).
Jesus! Pour your precious blood on me.
Remove all the stain of sin from me.
Grant me freely, redemption from sin
and salvation by the merit of the crucifixion
and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Deliver me from satanic bondages,
evil desire, wicked men
and temptations of the devil.
Save me by the merit of your suffering.
Jesus, send upon me, in power,
the Holy Spirit,
promised by the Father.
Renew me,
and my dear ones by the Holy Spirit.
Thank you God.
Praise be Jesus.
Praise be the Holy Spirit.”


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