Life Teen Prayer

Jesus, the Bread of Life, taken, blessed, broken and given away so that all might
be healed and have LIFE.
Father, TAKE the lives of our teens. We offer them to You with open hands.
Through the example of Jesus, teach them to surrender their lives fully to You.
BLESS them with the knowledge that they are Your beloved ones and that they
truly belong to a community of love and mercy.
BREAK open their hearts so that
the seed of the Word and the power of the Eucharist can
be planted in fertile ground, take root and transform their lives.
GIVE these teens to the world with the power of the Holy Spirit to witness to the love of Jesus and serve Him in each person they meet.
Let this LIFE TEEN ministry be bread for the world.
As Christ gave You thanks and
fed many, may we give You thanks for this ministry and ask You to “multiply” it
and nurture its growth for Your glory.

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