Oh Most Holy Virgin! You were chosen by the Most Adorable Trinity from all eternity to be the most pure Mother of Jesus. Permit me, your humble and devoted servant, to remind you of the joy received in the instant of the Most Sacred Incarnation of our Divine Lord and during the nine months you carried Him in your chaste womb. I wish most sincerely that I could renew, or even increase that joy, by the fervor of my Prayers.

Oh! Tender Mother of the afflicted! Grant me under my present necessities that special protection you have promised to those who devoutly commemorate this ineffable joy. Relying on the infinite mercies of your Divine Son, trusting in the promise which He has made that those who ask should receive, and penetrated with confidence in your powerful prayers, I most humbly entreat you intercede for me. I beg you to obtain for me the favors which I petition for in this novena, if it be the Holy Will of God to grant them; to ask for me whatever graces I most stand in need of.

(Here specify your requests)

I desire by this novena, which I now offer in your honor, to prove the lively confidence I have in your intercession. Accept it, I beseech you, in honor of that supernatural love and joy, with which your Immaculate Heart was replenished during the abode of your divine Son in your womb; in veneration of which, I offer you the sentiments of my heart.

(Repeat the Hail Mary nine times) and then say the following prayer:-

Oh! Mother of God! accept these salutations in union with the respect and veneration with which the Angel Gabriel first hailed you, “Full of Grace” I wish most sincerely that they may become so many gems in the crown of your incidental glory, which will increase in brightness to the end of the world.

I beseech you, Oh! comfortress of the afflicted, by the joy you received, when the word was made flesh, to obtain for me the favors and graces, which I have now implored through your powerful intercession. For this end I offer you all the good works which have even been performed in your honor. I most humbly entreat you for the love of the amiable Heart of Jesus, with which yours was ever so inflamed, to hear my humble prayers and to obtain my requests.
– Amen.

This Novena prayer will be helpful to those helpless people when everything fails, and who wants speedy and visible answers to their agony.

Arinze Ani


  1. ecil31@hotmail.coon
    Feb 23, 2016 @ 15:07:40

    Lost my jod I nneed adrahim to call in your faver. Pls help me mother


  2. Cat B (@Catbernie00)
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 00:29:32

    Please Holy Mother pray for a healing for Eric’s ulcerated Colitis. Please heal so he once again can tolarate his babies being loving to him. In Jesus Name Amen


  3. Melba Solis
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 12:10:15

    Thank you for lettng me to be a member.. i am contented Praying your prayer tonight. .its very nice prayer . Hope I could Fallow or read all that you’ ll .post. Sorry to tell you that may be I can’ nt giive support Because I Am now soppoted by my children bieng 81 yrs. old wiith many med. to take. Am really happy to learn and pray your prayers and meditation. GOD is happy for your good work making people to pray to and know HIM.GOD bless all of you!………Melba


  4. Anne-Marie Mausing
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 22:43:28

    Mother Mary I love you and I place all my trust in you I am a diabetic and yesterday I fell on the steps and injured my right ankle and knee please I need your comfort and strength wisdom and knowledge so that I can continue to work and be able to take care of myself


  5. Ms. Carmen
    Feb 18, 2017 @ 02:55:46

    Mother Mary’s, please for give me for asking for help. Mother Mary fighting Cancer since 2012 and Guillain Barre. Please free me from all Cancer, please free me from the G Barre. Allow me to be able to take care of myself and to ake care of my home. Thank You Mother Mary. Amen


  6. Joseph
    Feb 18, 2017 @ 15:22:25

    My life very Mary Morther and Jesus my Love


  7. SA
    Mar 12, 2017 @ 16:31:16

    I rely on the strength and support I feel from the Lord. I pray this Novena and ask Mary to bring help and comfort in my daily life. I have terrible insomnia resulting from too much stress and anxiety and if I don’t sleep well at night, I suffer too much in the day and feel unable to work and take care of the many things I need to each day. I am a single mother raising a son facing health issues and the caregiver for my 90 year old mother. Please pray for me. I am praying hard that my son’s health issues with be resolved, that he will be healed and that the medical conditions he is suffering from will vanish from his body and he will not need to depend on such strong medications. I am alone taking care of finances which are not possible without my job and doing it is hard if I am facing so much stress and work alone. Please give me good feelings and moments in the day so that I don’t feel so exhausted and sick myself all the time. Please help me sleep better at night. In the name of Jesus I pray. I rely on prayers every day and ask Mary for her help and intercession. The Lord is my strength. Amen. Thank you so much.


  8. Yolanda
    Apr 19, 2017 @ 22:54:03

    Mother Mary plz help me….I’m always in pain with cervical stenosis in my neck and spine and Fibromyalgia….


  9. Grace
    May 16, 2017 @ 05:42:11

    Dear Mother Mary: Pray for me to your son Jesus that I may get revitalization and healing I have severe backache and this has affected my concentration at work I need my strength back. I also need an excellent job to sustain my family am a single mum right now and I have no proper home I pray that God will give me a financial brake through to allow me finish the construction project…in Jesus’ mighty Name I have prayed Amen


  10. Peter
    Jul 07, 2017 @ 07:12:31

    V very good


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