Prayer for Attentiveness

Lord, you said:
wherever two or three are gathered together in my name,
I am there among them.
You are with us now.
Make us aware of your presence.
Gather us in together in Your love.
Lord, we are here to be attentive to your Word;
we are here to search for Your Truth.
Speak to us, Lord, Your servants are listening.
Teach us to listen and respond.
Lord, in the noise and bustle of life
it is not easy to find Your Truth.
Help us to be quiet and still.
Make us attentive to You tonight.
For You alone have the words of Eternal Life.
Inspire us to yearn for Your Word.
Lord, at times through sin and selfishness
we have hardened our hearts.
Forgive our foolish ways;
open our eyes to the greatness of your love;
bless us with the Truth that sets us free.
Bless us, Lord, and set us free.

Let us pray.

God our Father,
only You can give meaning and purpose to life.
Let Your Word, rich as it is,
pierce deeply into our hearts
and change our lives,
so that we may know life at its best,
and learn to live for You and for others.
Through Christ our Lord.



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