A Prayer for Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

In his time as Pope Emeritus, we pray in a special way for him: All praise and glory are yours, almighty and eternal God. You created this earth and all it contains and placed creation within our care so that by the work of human hands we might share in your creative power and build up human society. Look with kindness and blessing upon Benedict, our Holy Father, who has led our Church and who is now retiring. Allow him the time to survey all that he has accomplished and give him the satisfaction and fulfillment for all his labors, as you did on the seventh day, when you rested and saw that all you had made was good. Give him peace and help him in this period of adjustment. Reassure him of your love and open new ways for him to share his gifts for the benefit of others. Watch over our Church in the coming days as we seek the guidance of your Spirit. We praise you, God of love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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