PRAYER OF ST. ILDEPHONSUS (On the Perpetual Virginity of Mary)

“I come to Thee, the sole Virgin-Mother of God; I prostrate myself before Thee, the sole Co-operatrix of the Incarnation of my God; I humble myself before Thee, that wast alone found worthy to be the Mother of my Lord; I pray to Thee, the Handmaid of Thy Son, unlike all others, that Thou obtain for me the forgiveness of my sins, that Thou procure for me cleansing from my evil deeds, that Thou obtain for me a love of Thy grand glory, that Thou reveal to me the exceeding sweetness of Thy Jesus, that Thou grant me to proclaim and defend the purity of our Holy Faith. Grant that I may cling to my God and to Thee, and be faithful to Thy Son and to Thee—to Him as my Creator, to Thee as Mother of my Creator; to Him as the Lord of Hosts, to Thee as the Handmaid of the Lord of all; to Him as God, to Thee as Mother of God; to Him as my Redeemer, to Thee as the instrument of my redemption.

“He became the price of my ransom, but He became so by His becoming incarnate from Thy flesh. He assumed a mortal Body, but He took it from Thine, and with this His Sacred Body He blotted out my sins. My own human nature, which He took to His Kingdom, and set it, above the Angels, on the right hand of His Father, He took from Thy pure flesh and blood, when He humbled Himself and was made Man.

“I then am Thy servant, O Mary, because Thy Son is my Lord. Thou art Our Lady, because Thou art the Handmaid of Our Lord. I am the servant of the Handmaid of my Lord, because Thou, who art Our Lady, wast made Mother of my Lord. I pray Thee, I fervently pray Thee, O Holy Virgin, that I may receive Jesus by that same Holy Ghost, by Whom Thou didst become Mother of Jesus. May I be made to know Jesus by that same Holy Ghost, by Whom Thou didst know, and possess, and bring forth Jesus. May I speak of Jesus in that same Holy Ghost, in Whom Thou didst confess Thyself the Handmaid of the Lord. May I love Jesus in that same Holy Ghost, in Whom Thou dost adore Him as Thy God, and dost gaze upon Him as Thy Son. And may I obey this Thy Jesus faithfully, as He Himself, though God, was subject to Thee and to St. Joseph.”

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