Begin by making the Sign of the Cross. Let us ask God to bless N. and to have mercy on us all. Pause for a moment. Heavenly Father, you love us all. Have mercy on us, and listen to our prayer as we ask you to help N. Bless him/her, for he/she is Your beloved […]

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  1. Denisel: God please bless and heal patraic eye

  2. Alain: God bless my daughter Caroline and remove the homosexual tendency from her

  3. Florence: Lord bless and heal my mother Mrs Lovina okani

  4. Erma: lord, I ask that, you heal Jordan, from her illness, she is just a baby. She has her whole life…

  5. Jackie Frasier: Dear Lord please heal Kenley Ann she is a great little girl with so much love for life and others…

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