O Lord, hear my cry pouring out from a troubled heart. The sorrow which clutches at my soul has driven me to You my protector, my True Friend in time of need. You know, my God, all my failings, my faults and my sins as well as the torment gripping my soul. My greatest sorrow […]

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  1. Judelh Joselyn T. de Guzman: I thank you Lord all the blessings you gives to us a our daily lives that WE still live and…

    • Carmen Horsford: Lord in u I trust. It soon shall pass

    • mary: thank you Lord for everything to have done to me and I know you alone you the almighty. Amen

  2. Carmen Horsford: Oh lord have mercy on me.

  3. Alinda: Lord, we offer up to you , our peace and health. grant my children n with bright future n cure…

  4. Rose: Lord jesus pleased guiding us all circumstances

  5. Pedro: I thank you almighty lord. Thank you for waking me up this morning, for my loving mother, sister, Father, Puchie,…

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